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"Muppet fans should be intrigued, which means just about everybody should be intrigued."

For The First Time Ever

Five of the original Muppet performers/innovators come together to discuss the creation of their iconic characters under the visionary leadership of Jim Henson.


Here's Who's Talking About
Muppet Guys Talking

Robotics Teacher • Medical Educator • Volunteer Firefighter • Doctoral Student • Freelance Writer • Lecturer • Autism Advocate • Blogger • Soccer Mom • Lawyer • Associate Scientist • Forensics & Cybersecurity Expert • Filmmaker • Singer • Army Officer • Rock Climber • Electrical Engineer • Father • Tour Guide • Software Programmer • Accountant • Composer • Biophysicist • Graphic Designer • Photographer • Museum Curator • Pastor • Woodturner • Entrepreneur • Occupational Therapist • Sales Rep • Art Historian • Chief Technology Officer • Nail Technician • Hockey vlogger • Social Media Consultant • Math Professor • Editor-in-Chief • Fundraiser • Author • Bodyguard • Cryptocurrency Expert • Grandmother • Stage Manager • Applied Sociolinguist • Mental Health Worker • Grad Student • Baker • Duck keeper • Equestrian • Reporter • Tuba Player • Garden Designer

They Come From Over
60 countries

Andorra • Argentina • Australia • Bailiwick of Jersey • Bangladesh • Belgium • Bermuda • Bolivia • Brazil • Canada • Chile • China • Christmas Island • Colombia• Costa Rica • Cyprus • Denmark • Dominica • Ecuador • Egypt • France • Gibraltar • Germany • Greece • Hong Kong • Iceland • India • Indonesia • Iran • Ireland • Israel • Italy • Japan • Luxembourg • Malaysia • Mexico • Morocco • Netherlands • New Zealand • Nicaragua • Nigeria • Norway • Peru • Philippines • Poland • Portugal • Russia • Serbia • Singapore • South Africa • South Korea • Spain • Sweden • Switzerland • Taiwan • Thailand • Trinidad and Tobago • Turkey • United Arab Emirates • United Kingdom • United States of America • Venezuela

“An illuminating look at the creative process"

"...rousing laughter, surprising behind-the-scenes details…"

"Muppet Guys Talking changed the way I see Fozzie."

"...a moving look at the power of creativity and collaboration."

"A candid, often bitingly funny conversation."

"…a rapport one might associate with a sketch comedy group..."

Frequently Asked Questions

The film is available for instant streaming or download.

DVDs were only available as a limited edition item, and are sold out.

Right now, the only place to get Muppet Guys Talking is on our website. This is a very personal project for us and we didn’t want a company in between us and you. So, we’re distributing it directly.

Once you buy, you’ll be able to stream or download it.

Currently, the documentary is only available in English.

Not at this time.

It’s a documentary, not a kid’s movie. The film explores themes of creativity, collaboration, and leadership. Older children may enjoy the film, but your toddlers would be bored.

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